Hello everyone, I have finally started a website so I can share photos and stories with you all! I will try to keep it updated a much as I can. This way you can check in if you like to see what I’ve been up to. Well, here goes!

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4 Comments on “Welcome!”

  1. MOM Says:

    Dear Sarah, I can’t thank you enough for sharing your beautiful pictures with us and letting us have such a lovely insight into your life in Cairo. It made me miss you so much and I long to have you here.
    What a wonderful way to share Cairo with you – seeing such non-touristy glimpses of everyday life.

    Thank you so much. I love you. MOM

  2. Mary K Says:

    Sarah–what a fine tour! You created a most instructive combination of images and words for those of us who haven’t visited Cairo yet.
    You must have looked unusual in that venue…where there many other Americans or Europeans? Knowing your love of cats, I wondered whether you were tempted to take a kitten home?
    Please go out on another photo exploration when time allows…
    May I have your permission to share this with my friends?
    Love, Mary K

  3. anne Says:

    Hi Sarah –

    I found the similarities of the Egyptian markets to those of Delhi amazing. I wonder how your year in India sensitized you for your experiences in Cairo. Thank you for your work in putting this together for all of us. Hopefully we will be able to experience it ourselves one day. Love and best wishes from San Francisco. Anne

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I have been yearning to look at non-touristy pictures of Cairo/Bulaq. You did an awesome job!

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